Connected Data Platforms

Why a Connected Data Strategy is critical to the future of your data

The advent of big data revolutionized analytics and data science and created the concept of new data platforms, allowing enterprises to store, access and analyze vast amounts of historical data. The world of big data was born. But existing data platforms need to evolve to deal with the tsunami of data-in-motion being generated by the Internet of Anything (IoAT).

Driven by consumer behavior, in order to personalize, sell, market and support, successful business need to go beyond understanding what has happened and focus on understanding and predicting what happens next. We need a fresh approach to get the best value out of our data. We need a better ability to get the tsunami of data-in-motion into the data platform while concurrently identify insights in real-time. We need a data strategy that is more enterprise-ready and future proof. This white paper examines the drivers and requirements for a fluid and interactive Connected Data Platforms strategy that handles both data-in-motion and data-at-rest.

Download the Connected Data Platforms White Paper

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