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Jethro enables BI users to analyze big data in real-time with BI tools, such as Tableau or Qlik, right from the data source. As the only SQL engine that harnesses indexing and a columnar structure, Jethro empowers users with truly interactive BI on Hadoop & Amazon S3.

Jethro is a SQL and indexing engine for Hadoop that is sandwiched between a BI tool and the data source. It enables users to run lightning-fast, 100x faster, SQL queries on Hadoop. Jethro gives Hadoop the performance of a real time analytic database without the need to actually get one, powering interactive ad-hoc requests, live dashboards and reports. It works by automatically indexing data as it is written into Hadoop. Queries use indexes to access only the data they need instead of performing a full-scan of the entire dataset, leading to a dramatic reduction in system resource requirements.

Jethro was founded by a team of industry veterans committed to making big data analytics work in real time. Our passion is solving big problems, in this case building the technology that lets non-technical users interactively explore data on Hadoop and get immediate answers, using standard SQL or common BI tools.

In June 2015, Jethro closed an $8.1 million Series B financing round led by Square Peg Capital and existing investor Pitango Venture Capital.

Jethro is headquartered in New York City with an R&D office in Israel.