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Business analysts use data discovery tools to deliver advanced analytics and actionable insights from diverse data sets. HDP® enables data analysis using Hadoop to explore new data types and large data sets that were previously too big to capture, store and process. They unlock insights from data such as clickstream, geo-location, sensor, server log, social, text and video data.

This new data enriches existing analytic applications with new perspectives and insights. New data also drives the creation of innovative new apps that provide new value to the business. Organizations can access and visualize relevant business intelligence faster with data discovery tools that help accelerate enterprise decision-making. Hortonworks empowers businesses in every type of industry by bridging the gap between data and insights with its data discovery and analysis platform based on Hadoop.

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분석 활동을 구조화된 원주형 데이터에 한정짓지 말고 원천 데이터를 다양한 형태로 저장하여 보다 광범위한 유형의 질문을 던져봅니다.

한 주요 건강보험 업체는 건강기록 전자정보와 서면으로 제출된 고객 불만사항을 PDF 형태로 모두 저장했습니다. HDP 상에서의 데이터 세트 탐색을 통해 고객은 광학식 문자 인식 및 자연언어 처리 방식을 사용하여 코딩 오류를 식별하고, 배상비율과 환자 결과를 개선하고자 했습니다.

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Data previously separated by source, structure or system can now be combined in one shared data lake, revealing new insights.

Data discovery tools in HDP help Luminar to capture, store and process data from over 2000 sources covering half of adult US Latinos. Combining 15 terabytes of data per month, they provide actionable insights to the advertisers who are their clients. In addition, Luminar is now able to offer new products to clients allowing them to discover their own insights in the data.

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Security breaches happen. And when they do, server log analysis helps you identify the threat and then protect yourself better in the future. See how data analysis using Hadoop takes server-log analysis to the next level by speeding forensics, retaining log data for longer and demonstrating compliance with IT policies. The tutorial that comes with this video describes how to refine raw server log data using HDP.

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