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Big data keeps growing by the minute. The exponential growth in the number of connected devices fuels the demand for faster handling of large volumes of structured and unstructured data from these devices. The future of big data and analytics supported by Hortonworks allows organizations across industries to instantly mine these data stores for machine learning and other real time applications.

소매업 데이터의 미래

Read how the future of data analytics and storage can transform retailers’ capabilities to handle growing customer data and with quantifiable advantages - the ability to drive more revenue, better margins, and greater consumer loyalty.

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데이터 능력 발휘

A connected data strategy is key to leverage the future of data analytics and derive maximum value from your data. Does your data platform adhere to these six simple requirements?

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Future of Big Data

Hortonworks의 Rob Bearden CEO는 세상이 새로운 부류의 현대식 데이터 애플리케이션에 의해 주도되고 있다고 생각합니다. 이제는 모든 비즈니스가 데이터 비즈니스이며, 데이터는 가장 가치 있는 비즈니스 자산입니다.

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Future of Data 인포그래픽

Data is the future. Businesses need the best strategies to collect, manage and process volumes of customer data from a variety of channels to have the competitive advantage. Learn how Hortonworks supports the future of big data, analytics and storage to transform your business by building efficiencies and delivering real-time actionable intelligence.

Future of big data, analytics and storage - infographic

엄청난 미래 성장

데이터 기술 및 서비스 시장은 전체 IT 시장보다 6배 더 빨리 성장하고 있습니다.


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Data is vital in running and growing any business


of businesses consider data and analytics to be “vital” to the running of their organizations, with a further 29% deeming it “very important"

Future of big data and analytics generate business revenue


의 사업자들이 자사의 데이터를 통해 비즈니스 조직 내에서 수익이 창출되고 있다고 말합니다.

The future of big data analytics adds business value


의 사업자들이 데이터 프로젝트를 통해 가치를 더하는 새로운 방법을 탐구하기 위해 투자하고 있다고 말합니다.

Investing in the future of big data increases profitability


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